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Seraphinite Necklace (14GF)

Seraphinite Necklace (14GF)

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The beauty and energy of Seraphinite rises through the body's Chakras like the six-winged spirits of Light it is named for, the Seraphim, the highest order of angels who attend the throne of God. Their wings are captured in iridescent silver and suggests the movement of flight within this deep, forest green crystal. Known for its high spiritual energy ascending throughout the system and inviting the Kundalini to rise along the spine, Seraphinite clears and activates each Chakra along the way. It links the physical with the ethereal, and is powerful for opening communication with angelic and devic realms, and tends to have a strong effect when used in nature.

  • 14K Gold Filled Material
  • 18ince Long
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