Shop Policy & FAQ's

Policies are subject to change, we highly suggest to review the policies before making a purchase at all times. 

K+N Collection has the right to refuse service to anyone.  This may include being blocked from shopping or viewing our Instagram, or cancelling of orders that you place. 

Since all Crystals are made by Mother Nature, no two items are Identical.

K+N Collection is a small locally owned business that does not offer refunds, exchanges, and returns
    • Please review each of your items before completing checkout.​
Cash Payments can be made in person at our Pop-Up Shops. All Online orders must be paid for via PayPal.

If you place an order and receive your items and file a chargeback or claim through your credit card or PayPal, not only did you steal our product(s), time, and money, but it charges us an additional fee too. Legal measures will be taken against customers who fraudulently file a chargebacks, as that is theft.


All Instagram Live Sale Invoice will be processed here on my website. On the bar menu you will find "Live Sale" here you will be able to find your invoice by searching your Instagram User Name. Once found just click "Add to Cart" and continue to checkout. Payments are due within 5 Days otherwise all items claimed will be forfeited. Customer who leave invoices unpaid will be blocked from future Live Sales.

Customers will receive a Meet-Up Alert (Email, DM (On IG) or Text Message) before the scheduled pickup day with further information.
          • Local Meet-Up Location: Micronesian Mall
          • If you are feeling ill or are experience flu-like symptoms please contact us to reschedule an alternate pickup day.
          • If you are unable to make the scheduled day please contact us in a timely manner to reschedule before the schedule meet-up time.
  • K+N is Not Responsible for the Loss or Damage of Items/Packages.  
    • We package each product with care and appropriate protection. Crystals are formed by nature and have natural cracks, crevices, colorations etc. Some are incredibly soft and may have slight shedding during shipments unfortunately. Once they are in the possession of USPS we no longer have any control.
  • Are your Crystals REAL or MANMADE?
      • 99% of the crystals on this site are completely Authentic/Real and not modified (aside from any polishing or carving type of things). Aura crystals are natural crystals, but with a metal layer on them. If anything is heat treated or manmade, I will state the fact in the product description.


Crystal healing properties are not in any way guaranteed, the crystal healing information is provided as guidance only. It is not intended for, and neither should it be taken as professional medical advice nor a substitute for any professional medical service.

Some minerals are toxic to touch, and especially to use in any sort of 'crystal elixir', please research the crystals before buying. 

Many crystals are of course small and sharp in nature, and therefore a choking or safety hazard.  Please do not leave your crystals with children, pets, or anyone/thing that may be injured.

By purchasing on this website, you agree that you are 18 years of age or older.